Milena Filipps

concrete wall

Milena Filipps is a history student in Germany. A reader of Marcel Proust, Jane Austen and Goethe, she is also interested in art history and historical architecture. She has published her essay “Writing, Vanity and Time” (2022) with Livina Press, while her poems appeared in Brimstone & Venus (2023), Soul Sauce London Quarterly (2023), RIC Journal (2021), Mosaik (2020) and other magazines.

Some little melody

Some little melody
I do not recognize
So delicate on a past
As a transparent veil.

All I see are walls
Coloured anew,
Too bright to remember.
A silence kept
Easily becomes a habit.

Perhaps in one of the books
Left under the piano
A flower hides, once chosen
No longer knowing why –

A flower like any other,
Old illustration of some variation
Within a life too universal to forget.
We forget only details.
Never the melody; as it continues.