We believe that quality poetry is like Robert Frost and W.H. Auden describe: emotion put into clear, thoughtful words. We love poetry that offers a glance into a single moment when emotions are both wild and restrained, and the speaker has both clarity and uncertainty in how to move forward. 

The name was slightly inspired by our sister magazine, HoneyguideNot only in the “guide” at the end of the title, but in the idea of guiding a reader or viewer to a particular idea. Like a field guide when one goes hiking on new or old trails. I’ve always loved poetry that not only opened my view of the world and helped me consider other perspectives but gave light to the complex terrain of human emotions. Poetry often starts at the crossroads between sadness and joy, fear and safety, newness and routine. 

The Field Guide Poetry Magazine is an annual magazine that publishes poetry that reveals an emotional landscape. How can two conflicting emotions speak to one event? How does one navigate the highs and lows of what we feel every day? 

We also accept art, preferably graphite and watercolor paintings, that is gentle yet bold, and examines the relationships between emotions, dreams, and ways of being. All submissions are free and everything we publish is available to read online and in print. 

Issue V is coming September 29

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Meet the contributors of Issue IV

March 2023

Gina Gidaro, Featured Artist
David Woodward, Featured Poet

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