Megan Frilling

Megan Frilling is a graduate of The Ohio State University and a current resident of Columbus, Ohio. She is an avid Taylor Swift fan, green tea connoisseur, and subpar plant parent. So far, her work has been published in Livina Press and you can find her on Twitter @meg_frill and Instagram @megfrill.

Prayers on Corn Silk

Previously published elsewhere

I grew up

between rows of never-ending

corn, was baptized in cheap beer

and church wine. Cut my teeth

on the stories of those who

came before me,

the ones who go out

and lived to tell the tale.

On warm afternoons,

I would stare up

through the still-green stalks

and go blind from the fractured sun,

dreaming about far away places.

Cities where no one knew

my name and streets where I

could hold hands with my lover,

share a kiss on the sidewalk.

Assured, unconstrained, proud.

Until clouds obscure the sun

and I can see again.