Jack C. Buck

Jack C. Buck lives in Idaho. He is the author of the books Deer Michigan and Gathering View.


If I were there or you here

Twelve years later
I’m heading further west
on the other side of the Mts
along the Columbia River
towards the Pacific.
Pull off here
on the side of the road
pick any spot
they’re all perfect.
Family and friends
living thousands of miles away
across the country
otherwise I would stay forever.
America is a big place.

what can I do to help

poetry is physical
making sense of
grief and hope
for good
the best
to after this
I’m willing to weigh it next to

it’s collecting
definitions of beauty
is a moment
of transfer
a recognition framed
wanting to be part of
the world the most we can

when I walk it is
both walking and meditating
which is also poetry
as you already know
but it’s nice to say anyway
even more if I look over
and you are there