Alyssa Hubbard

photography of road at nighttime

Alyssa Hubbard is an enthusiastic emerging author, poet, and playwright. She has a B.S. in Journalism & Technical
Communication and a Certificate in Creative Writing from Ferris State University. Hubbard hopes to one day make her dreams of becoming a fulltime editor/author a reality. Her debut works can be found in The PRISM 2022 Literary

Late Night Car Rides

Late night car rides
Are one of my favorite things
Listening to your soft voice
Sing along to melancholic acoustics,
Paired with a bit of rasp from
Shouting at the tops of your
Lungs at the concert a few
Minutes ago.
Late night car rides
Remind me of my favorite things
About you and your raw moments
In this intimate light of
Bright headlights and
Colorful streetlamps.
A late night and
A long drive
Makes for a perfect time
To pour our hearts out,
With tired eyes,
On the moonlit road
before us.