Tayo Odebode

black and white photo of a boy with beautiful eyes

Tayo Odebode (he/him) is an emerging Nigerian Poet from Oyo State. He studied B.sc Mathematics in the University of Ilorin. His works have appeared or are forthcoming in The Nymph publication, the hearth magazine,brittle paper, cultural daily magazine & elsewhere. He says hi on Twitter @ Phenom89813704.

Mama Told Me

Mama told me,
My son, you are,
The emissary of my health,
I sent you into the woods of femininity,
To bring home,a phial of fecundity, Please, beware of facial beauty,
It deceives than a wily cat.

Mama told me,
My son,you are,
A placid flowing of a river,
When you get into a bifurcated estuary,
And meander into a part my eyes see not,
Forget not your source,else you dry off.