Purbasha Roy

a lonely woman sitting on the bed

Purbasha Roy is a writer from Jharkhand India. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Channel SUSPECT Pulp Literary Review Acta Victoriana Strange Horizons and elsewhere. Best of the Net Nominee. Attained second position in 8th Singapore Poetry Contest.

Notes on loving an Insomniac

It’s late hours again
and guilt snarls on me
like dogs to strangers
your fresh eyes keen go forward
into another night while mine heavy
under sleep…
this seems like sliver of forevers
I promised I would stay along you
in times as these I am more irritated than not
by my body tissues ripe
from fatigue and leave you alone in this
real room, real awakenings for hours
I wonder who misses whom
my body’s sputter of silence curls
as it sobs the deep efficacy for sleep
we always miss what we decide not
hold: when I first learnt how to write
alphabets I forgot what it was to speak
not knowing their shapes on pages
what I want you to know , immeasurable
is my loss of feelings you desire share
with me like wind with open windows
this is a kind of stealing my body does
from the fractal shapes of you and me
together and I am left with a blank
white soundless unkind
manifested by my down eyes
as if it were the last note of song
that carries an apology for bitter vacuum
that…shall follow