Peter J. Dellolio

close up view of hand holding newspaper

Peter J. Dellolio was born 1956 New York City. Graduated New York University 1978. Poetry collections “A Box Of Crazy Toys” published 2018 by Xenos Books/Chelsea Editions and “Bloodstream Is An Illusion Of Rubies Counting Fireplaces” published February 2023 by Cyberwit/Rochak Publishing.

Maybe the Disarranged Newspaper

Maybe the disarranged newspaper
was waiting
for a little boy
to shape
it into a pirate hat.

Perhaps the torn pillowcase
had a secret wish fulfilled
when the little girl
turned it into
her princess cape.

A reprieve of sorts has occurred.

Things touched and used
by adult hands
had been sentenced
to the oblivion
of a garbage can.

Rescued by the inexhaustible
imagination of children,

they are reborn as magical
garments of fantasy.