Minh-Tam Thi Le

snow winter animal dog

Minh-Tam Thi Le is a community care physician assistant in Winston-Salem, NC. Her work has been published by Toasted Cheese (2021), Brilliant Flash Fiction (2021), Down in the Dirt (2018), and Literary Juice (2017). In addition, she has won a place in the Writer’s Digest’s 87th and 82nd Annual Short Story Contest, Mainstream/Literary category. From 2012-2019, she served as a blogger and then a board member of Sparks Magazine, a student-run, mixed-media platform for the Asian and Pacific Islander American (APIA) community.


The bichon pitter-patters through the rain,
watching from beneath the banana tree.
Its owners’ presence throws a lonely crane
into flight. The bird flings cold water. Free
from the smooth feathers, drops splash in our lane.
The young humans don’t mind and shout with glee.
They laugh and carry the bichon the rest
of the long way home to meet their new guest.


FG – Issue 4 (4.1 × 5.8 in) (5.78 × 8.25 in)

We walk beneath the rustling
banana tree and laugh when
the bichon pitter-patters
across puddles and splashes rain on your shin.