Konstantin Yakimchuk

Konstantin Yakimchuk is a poet, prose writer and editor. His poems were published in many poetic magazines, including Sparks of Calliope, WestWard Quarterly and others. He also authored several poetry books. Konstantin writes in various genres of poetry. Konstantin lives with his family in Stockholm, Sweden. 

Rain in January

This town is shaking with cold shivers
From a palace to a shallow nail,
Its asphalt skin perceives and senses
Caress and rage of January rain.

Ruthlessly driven by western cyclones,
Charmed by the capricious Gulf Stream,
Spreading their silvery wings and ailerons
Clouds wake up from contemplations and dreams.

Gathering gamut of sounds and splashes,
Mixing perceptions and flirting with flair,
Heavy drops moisten eyebrows and eyelashes
By amalgam of cold water and air.

Icy sky

Icy web just touched all puddles, rivers, lakes,
Roads hide in fluffy frosty mazes,
Swirling dance of delicate snowflakes
Whispers lullabies and soothing phrases.

Barely breathing, I approach the shore,
Hardly touching chained and gelid river,
I disturb the Milky Way once more
Breaking stars with only bare fingers.