Katherine Edgren

dog running at the beach

Walk Like a Dog

Second Place

It’s OK to amble, to walk with your own purposes.

Notice anything different: men pounding on a roof,
the fire engine’s siren, turtles squashed flat in the road.

Get as close as you can to anything interesting, but always be ready to run.

Refrain from chasing loud trucks and trailers, no matter how tempting.

Go ahead and follow that smell you missed, inhale deeply,
pee on it or roll in it, and carry it home with you.

Splash through puddles. Roll in grass to scratch your back.

Let people know how you’re feeling. Bow and bark and wag: Let’s play!

Look deeply into the eyes of those you love. Will them to give you treats.
Let them know where you most want to be scratched.

Always flop down when you’re tired. Then, take a nap.