Joseph Buehler

low angle shot of waterfall on mountain under the starry night sky

Joseph Buehler has published over one hundred and twenty poems. Some of the magazines are Defenestration, Bumble Jacket Miscellany, ArLiJo, Blue Bonnet Review, Indiana Voice Journal, North Dakota Quarterly, Sentinel Literary Quarterly, Cerasus and The Poet Magazine in the UK, Otoliths in Australia, Roi Faineant and H,C.E. Review in Ireland, The Broadkill Review and The Tower Journal. He and his wife Trish moved to Georgia over seventeen years ago.


The Gingerbread Man

A River Runs

A river runs
to the falls
in the blackness of night.

Rattlesnakes coil
on the black topped path
that leads to the falls.

The parking lot
is empty of cars.

No one is there
to take pictures
of happy family groups
as they pose
at the end of the path
near the bottom of the falls.

A quarter moon shines above.

All is still except
for the sound of moving water.
But no one is there to hear it.