Joe Sonnenblick

grayscale photo of man sitting beside window

Joe Sonnenblick is a Native New Yorker who was a regular contributor to the now defunct Citizen Brooklyn magazine. Joe has been featured in publications such as In Parentheses for their 6th volume of poetry and The Academy Of The Heart And Mind, and Impspire Literary Review, The Bond Street Review, Spectra Poets Issue 01, Throats To The Sky, El Portal, Burn This Motherfucker Down . Joe has read up and down the east coast and is shopping his first full book of poetry around to publishers.

It’s Raining Cancer

I’m disappearing in the most unique way,
The gesticulating carpetbagger,
Oh he’s got his spindle and his hooch,
Ready to do the town,
The town is a little piece of rolling land called distress…
No one can be Di Prima, Bukowski, or Rimbaud anymore,
It costs more than a meal ticket and a train car filled with smoke plumes,
That’s deader than dead
Like your ideals,
Punch a clock or savage a passerby,
They’ve got you in your sufficiency
The worst purgatory around
Crippled and restless,
Like an old cat who just crawls into sameness every night,
Waiting for it’s terminal breath.