Jesse Suess

Jesse Suess grew up in the forests of the Pacific Northwest, but he is currently living in and exploring the woods of upstate New York. His work has been published or is forth coming in Hyacinth Review and the Montana Mouthful. You can find him on twitter @suessjesse

Before My Eyes


The way summer
clouds pile up
against the blue horizon
into a perfectly flat plane,
a reverse funhouse mirror
of the rolling hills below.


The way an orange leaf
falls, far too early,
from its still green brothers
and transforms with the flutter
of a wing
into a butterfly–
a second metamorphosis,
I suppose,
but this one is an inside joke,
a wink and a smile.


The way a rock sits
in a cut hay field
all afternoon
never moving, not one inch,
until all at once it explodes
into flight and feathers,
as if God himself
blew into the nose
of the stone
and lifted an eagle
into the sky.