Jenn Carter

Jenn Carter (she/her) is Androgynous, Shy, Queer, Crazy, a lover of nature and books, a mom, a survivor, and an educator. She writes poems about all of these things and resides in Portland, ME.

Octopus Writes to Whale

Best of the Net Nominee 2022

I am an expert at invisibility.
The chromatophores in my skin
Evolved over centuries.

My ancestors learned
Hiding is survival,
Solitude is safe.

The hidden depths
Of me move alone in the dark.

To whom can an octopus belong?

I reveal the giant, slimy flower
Of my body, a fractal unfurling…

I latch on
To embrace you,
Patient diver.
I will remember you
by the taste of your reach.

Your love follows me into the depths.

You learn how to see me,

A spectacle
Of slow unfolding.