Jason Visconti

three black handset toys

Jason Visconti has attended both group and private poetry workshops. His work has appeared in various journals, including “Eunoia Review,” “Valley Voices,” “California Quartely,” “Literary Yard,” and “The American Journal Of Poetry.” He especially enjoys the poetry of Pablo Neruda and Billy Collins.

Softball Practice

You’ve vanished into the crevices of a cameo,
All your trials and your morals to watch that spin,
You bow your head to concede to the coming throw,
By a star chart no more than a morning blip,
An arc so patient the world seems like a sideshow.

Phone Booth Rules

Pushcart Nominee 2023

We’ve seen the last of the miming man,
This is the time to speak of mountains,
Borrow the rapture of your cord just to describe them,
Or utter into the muted end,
Sail into the seas to hold this line.