Erich von Hungen

old fashioned decorative lamp on blurred background

Erich von Hungen is a writer from San Francisco, California. He lives under a giant Norfolk pine in a century old house between Golden Gate Park and the Pacific Ocean. His writing has appeared in The Colorado Quarterly, The Write Launch, Versification, Green Ink Press, The Hyacinth Review, Ink Drinkers, Amethyst Review and others. He has written four collections of poems. The most recent is “Bleeding Through: 72 Poems Of Man In Nature”. Find him on twitter @poetryforce.

The Last Of It

Last light,
tree-fallen sun.
First stars,
the sky
peach to plum.
The smell of leaves
getting ready for the wet to come.
The silence of insects,
their silence threading, threading,
the night softly pulsing,
softly humming.

And I hold my breath,
then stop, allowing myself
to take it all in
as a part of me.

That moment –
in, into my gut.
That last, there –
peach to plum.