Elder Gideon

beautiful female in off shoulder shirt

Twice nominated for the 2023 Pushcart Prize, Elder Gideon is the author of two poetry collections Gnostic Triptych and Aegis of Waves (Atmosphere Press) and co-author with Tau Malachi of Gnosis of Guadalupe (EPS Press, 2017). His poems and sculptures have appeared in dozens of journals. He’s an alumnus of the 2022 Kenyon Review Summer Conference and the 2021 Community of Writers. A veteran English teacher-activist and faith leader of a mystical Christian tradition, Gideon lives to connect. Reach out to him @elder.gideon or eldergideon@gmail.com.

are now—ateh
Youbiquitously co-

creating forming making
by the same divine image
imagining us asleepor awake
as the equalarms of the plus sign:

The spot x marks is the cross
of equal arms intersects
everything it is not.

is an artist—umman
calling forth what is true & good.

So be it—amen.

Rest your eyes
on anything against the sky
& abide.

Watch the iridescence line
every edge until it glows
where sky earth and both
inside outside and both
male female and both
warp weft and both lap
over the edge here
where everything conjoins.