Dylan Parkin

Dylan Parkin (He/Him) is an autistic creative who is currently enduring his studies. He writes in his spare time to relax. But he also uses that writing as a way of reflecting on the world that seems so apart from him. He can be found on Twitter: @parkin1901

The Sun

I’ve been holding out for the sun to set.
But, it’s decided not to happen yet.
I hope that thing will come down soon
To end a long and lonely afternoon.
It was supposed to be a certain bet.

Of course the sun will set.
Of course it will scatter its sinking rays
And send tremors through the air to leave a haze.
One act of might before the night can cast its net.

The darkness, a rapture that will be met
With open arms and stowed regret.
Left to fester with living debts.

Still, it’s so depressing
To watch the thinning of that horizon
Without knowing where it is
Your future lies in.

Just that it grows paler by the hour,
Laid flat against the sea.
I long to see the moon devour
The day that’s holding me.