Dorothy Lune

Dorothy Lune is a Yorta Yorta poet who has been writing poems for 4 years, born in Australia. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Gen Controlz Magazine, Alternate route, Open leaf press, and more. She started out writing songs, drawing, painting, and writing poems. She found poetry to be the type of writing and medium she loves most and decided to start submitting to literary magazines and journals in January of 2021. She has a debut chapbook entitled Heart planetary coming out in April 2022.

Fetch the Lipstick

Into the sky I went with my hair floating, then back down
I spun on the trampoline so flames grew around my ankles
my spinal cord began to dance like an itchy bear
my eyes a dessert, the rest of my body frigid & limp
I pulled the corners of my lips up & out—
am I in pretty pain?
is my agony lovable?
I thought “I should go inside now”
I fetched the lipstick & the hair brush before the hospital visit.
A belt to cinch my waist & a dress that brings out my eyes
I pull the corners of my lips up & out once more then practice my lines in the mirror—
am I in pretty pain?
is my agony lovable?