Dennis Williams

silhouette of man

Dennis is an emerging poet/writer from Sandy Hill, St. Catherine, Jamaica. His writings have been published in Agape Review, the American Diversity Report (ADR), Alchemy Spoon issue #7, the Health Line Zine #1, the independent literary magazine Adelaide #54, EgoPHobia # 74, and the livina press issue # 3, Blue Pepper Magazine, and entropy2.

Inner Self

I’m wrapped up in the mountain
rugged, covered, and unexplored,
many wish they knew my thoughts
to explore my inner being
but none succeed
I’m proud of being a mountain.

When the sunrise
It warms my inner soul
reaching my inner being
caressing me, bringing me to life.

When I awake and all the haze is gone
the birds will be pitched on my trees
eating, playing
some feeding their young
some counting the days until their young took to flight

Launching out to discover
the new world
or to find a new mountain.