Dennis Andrew S. Aguinaldo

Dennis Andrew S. Aguinaldo teaches at the Department of Humanities, CAS, University of the Philippines Los Baños. He currently nurtures interest in constraint-based poetry, communal forms, and the SATOR square. His works appear online in Amber Flora, Heartbalm, Plumwood, and Scarlet Dragonfly, among others. When not in the invigorating company of his family or students, he works with the Instruction Committee of his home department.


Bukod sa maliliit na hayop (Except the smaller animals)

Musicians, in amber

Outside’s but three at a time;
One need only

Look—only releasing
Takes any wing

Off the breathing vessels.
Railing like this

Smells of a far, beige dog’s
Hollow block, ruined tire. A light

Core calling
Down the fabric edges.

With ivory disinfected,
Brass was found guilty of smoke.

Slip on

In keeping with the new song,
this style has a wide folded dance.
Two proofs spun from cozy kids going with a ribbed finish.
Sorrows pour their calls to each other.

A breastfeeding spirit seen carrying light-catching produce

Our homerooms share an ocean

Calm has this geometric, internal slit

Pocket. With sympathy and creativity,
On the other hand, made
In soft, supple nappa leather.

Evenings overflow down a line.
Locked off from countries, our crew

Hung belts, jumped ship. A day,

They called it.
We teach a toolkit of panicked floating