Daithí Kearney

cup with pencils and pens on windowsill

Irish poet Daithí Kearney was born and raised in Co. Kerry, in the south west of Ireland. A keen musician and dancer, he developed a strong interest in nature and folklore. He now lives in Co. Louth where he is inspired by his surroundings and young family.


Writing On A Frosty Morning

Bare black branches lie
like writing in the frozen
fog beyond the window
like invisible ink the gentle
warmth of winter’s sun reveals
more of nature’s wonders
secret codes inscribed
upon the landscape
read by artists who share
the wonder of all there is and can be.

Silent snow betrays the now
finished symphony of life
disturbed by dawn
faint footsteps mark
tracks of birds and beasts who danced
their choreography now a text
transferred to the storied paths
that inspire the artists’ brushes,
fiddlers’ bows and
poets’ pens’ ramblings.