Cherie Lynae Cabrera Suski

Cherie Lynae Cabrera Suski is a Labor and Delivery nurse from the state of Washington. She recently published her short story, The Betrothal Trials, in an anthology by Dragon Soul Press; and her poem, How to Love, in Flux by Fifth Wheel Press. Today, she displays her creativity through her blog, as she works hard to publish her debut novel I Am Armageddon.

Angel Scientist

I press a kiss into her hair
And try to memorize the feeling
Strands against lips
Her smell as I breathe her in

My Angel

I’m saving this memory
For the first time, you break my heart
And all the times after
‘Cause that’s what kids do

They’re little scientists

Breaking things
So they can put them back together
Challenging limits
Experimenting with dreams

My Angel wears a lab coat

And when she tries to break my heart
Just to see if she can
I’ve got toddler giggles
And infant cuddles
To glue it back together