Andy VanDoren

for my sweet boy

Third Place

perhaps it’s for the best that we only

speak in shows of love, and not the memories of those who caused us

pain. instead, we’ll build our world of

snowy mornings, sunny corners, safe

in all our simple joys, where you can

tuck away my love in your bright

green eyes to chase the fears away.

the tears flow freely when you’re pulled

to my chest, head tucked beneath my

chin, our practiced dance; my body crumpled by sobs. you love me

in all my failed perfection, you touch

my hand and thrum with purrs, I time

my breath to match with yours and hope we find sweet dreams and peace therein.

Andy VanDoren (any pronouns) is a queer, synesthetic poet inspired by natural phenomena. They can be found frequenting tea shops, talking to bumblebees, and sitting on swingsets. Themes of their work include abstracting reality and unreliable narrators. Through poetry, they seek to paint pictures of how the world looks from inside their mind. They are published in Ghost Girls Zine and Celestite Poetry Journal. You can find them on Twitter @raggedypoet