Andy VanDoren

Andy VanDoren (any/all pronouns) is a queer, synesthetic poet inspired by nature and magical realism. They especially love the color yellow, mountain air, and the human spirit. Through poetry, they seek to paint pictures of how the world looks from inside their mind. Twitter: @raggedypoet

Featured Poet

on a clear day, I

reach into a watery veil
glittering down the curve
of the morning’s spine –

touch icy veins of silt and rock
exfoliating, crowding
beneath my fingernails –

stroke the petals, white as the
opalescent stones buried by time
and smoothed by the river –

press against the purple veins
surely the thumbprints of Earth
during her infantile Spring –

finger the pages of a story,
with the impatience of a
shadow drifting eastward

on a clear day

I am unable
to keep the world from filling my palms.