Alo Ayodeji

tall man in long coat with sky background

Alo Ayodeji is an ambitious poet who aims at being prolific. He writes from the suburb of Lagos, in Nigeria, and studied Architecture at the Federal University of Technology Akure. He hopes to leave his word prints on the sands of time as ‘The Drained Brain’ and ‘I Died Not,’ his published pieces are leading the pace. He loves music and His Maker, when not writing he can be found reading, and learning new things.

The Fading Clouds

What do you see when you gaze
Into the Arctic Circle?
Besides the white seafloor
And the shivering wind,
You see floating clouds with four feet.
Mother said we are the clouds
And we need the ice to stay alive
We need the ice to feed
But the sky is like a duvet
That traps in heat
And warms our ice.
If our ice continues to melt
Our thick coat of fur
That blocks out the cold
Will boil us from within,
Or we will starve to death
My tears flow for this alone.
Then, what you see when you gaze
Into the Arctic Circle
Will be few chunks of ice
With no floating clouds
Nor their hissing sound