Ali Ashhar

Ali Ashhar is a poet, author and freelance content writer. He has won several awards for his poetry collection, Mirror of Emotions. His works appear in Indian Review, Indian Periodical, Bosphorus Review of Books, Nymphs Publication, My Voice Canada and Eve Poetry Magazine. 


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Rendezvous with eternity

There came many before me
and there are going to come
many after me.
Time asked me to play my character in one era
perhaps literature made me live many.
It shall keep bridging the gap
to connect umpteen hearts ever,
as for now I have lived thousand eras
and travelled million miles
through the lanes of every syllable,
and chapters of every genre I read.
My soul was inquisitive for
the conversation every tale was depicting.
I found myself submerged more
between fiction and non-fiction
as I get lost in
melodies of silent words that spoke
more innately to me than all
cacophonies of any sapien convention.