Alexa Lesniak

window view of sea during golden hour

Alexa Lesniak is a current junior at the University of Maryland. She finds her inspiration in nature and her childhood home. She loves playing with words to try and convey what is happening inside her head. Alexa loves the freedom poetry provides and hopes to continue to write in the future.

The Effects of Rust

The butter-colored bandage I wrap
around your bleeding. A rhythm done
over. Soft clothes scraping broken
skin. From the depth, a century-held
breath: exhaled
against the cobblestone – a burnt
orange trail in its wake. A stream
of chemicals slipping under
your door. Salt marks slither
down your cheeks.

The bandage is soaked through.


I want to live in an a-framed house.
The sun-tinted windows,
the entire glassy front
a view of soft green cliffs spilling
into the ocean.