Abuchi Onyema

Abuchi Onyema is a poet, an author from Anambra state, Nigeria. He writes from the capital of Nigeria, Abuja. He holds a higher national diploma in public administration from Federal Polytechnic, Oko, Anambra state. He is the author of “WITHIN THE FOUR WALL” and he’s works has appeared in many journals and websites, including NNOKO Stories, the League of POETS, Bharath Vision, Orchards Lea Books, Empower Magazine’s Issue X, SARA&ETHEL, and SpillWords.


Within the Four Walls available on Amazon

Oh, My Home

Pushcart Nominee 2022

Could you please allow me to go
Back home to my dot origin,
Where my life and rights are protected,
And my properties safely guided.

Could you please allow me to go
Back to the land of my forefathers,
Where I drink from the tree top,
The undiluted tastily taste of palm wine.

Please, allow me to go,
My people are being slaughtered on a daily,
I should go and fight for what I believe,
Rather than sit back like a clone slave.

Please, allow me to go now,
Our deities are in need of my flute,
To rejuvenate our great masquerade,
From the tiny hole down the home of black ants.

Please, I want to go home
And dance sulugede with my kind
And enjoy aphorism nature of our land,
Where beauty is made, and virginity is gold.

Please, don’t hold me back,
For I am born of war and rage,
Raised with unquenchable fire,
I am an indigenous son of the rising Sun.

Songs of My Story

Abreast your warming hands
Gracing my soul with rhythms
Undulated cloud of fragrance oozing
From your bank of heartfelt songs

Afore you was nobody
Only a young willing multitude
Staggering with voice of your guitar,
That whispered hope to her soul

Do angels dance, too?
Your vocal sprits are like ice-cold water
Bringing nothing but unsolicited smiles
Brewed through rhyme and stanzas

Oh, happy day!
Enjoy my underlying love
You sun that shines at my tearing point,
I am gratified knowing you danced to my story.